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A first-class product containing 9 indispensable substances in the correct dosage. Vitamin D3, Vitamin K1, Vitamin K2 (MK-7 brand MenaQ7), Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Taurine, Zinc, Boron and Silicon as horsetail extract, providing bioavailable silicon.

It contains quality ingredients that are difficult to find in food, especially on a daily basis. It is focused on the basic needs of the body to maintain youth and achieve a long life, namely the heart, bones and immunity. All this in vegetable capsules without any auxiliary substances, fillers or other auxiliary ingredients.

The product was developed for long-term use and many individual components have a synergistic effect to maximize benefits.

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NUTRADAY D3+K2 Complex, 120 vegetable capsules

We consider Vitamin D3 & K2 Complex to be one of the best dietary supplements on the market ! This product has no analogues on the natural products market, not even on a global scale.

D3+K2 Complex is a formulation of nine well-thought-out ingredients covering all the most important long-term replenishment needs in one great product.

This is a top product containing 9 indispensable substances in the correct dosage.

  • You will save a lot of money compared to buying separately contained products
  • Much easier and more pleasant long-term use
  • Comprehensive formulation and many mutual synergies
  • The amounts contained are balanced and work as a whole even with different dosages
  • Only the highest quality ingredients
  • The best forms of all individual components
  • Adapted for long-term use
  • Most needed folders for many areas
  • Without additives
  • Suitable for the majority of the adult population, including the elderly
  • Basic tool for biohacking

Vitamin D3, Vitamin K1, Vitamin K2 (MK-7 brand MenaQ7), Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Taurine, Zinc bisglycinate, Boron and Silicon as horsetail extract, providing bioavailable silicon.

It contains quality ingredients that are difficult to find in food, especially on a daily basis. It is focused on the basic needs of the body to maintain youth and achieve a long life, namely the heart, bones and immunity. All this in vegetable capsules without any auxiliary substances, fillers or other auxiliary ingredients.

The product was developed for long-term use and many individual components have a synergistic effect with each other to maximize benefits.

Nutraday D3 & K2 Complex mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • bones
  • heart
  • immunity

Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Serving size: 1 vegetable capsule
Number of doses in the package: 120
Quantity in 1 dose %RHP*
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 1000 IU 500%
Vitamin K2 (as MenaQ7® Vitamin K2) (MK-7) 90 μg 120%
Vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone) 200 μg 266%*
Zinc bisglycinate chelate 7.5 mg 75%
Vitamin C 100 mg 125%
Taurine (L-Taurine) 250 mg **
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1 mg 71%
Boron 3 mg **

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) 10:1 extract

(Equivalent to 500 mg of dried horsetail)

100 mg **
* RHP - Daily reference value of income
* * - The daily reference value of income is not established

Other ingredients : None.

Dosage: 1 herbal capsule per day.

Warning : For adults only. If you have a medical condition, are pregnant, breast-feeding, trying to conceive, or are taking medication (especially blood thinners), consult youre with a doctor before using this product.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Package contents: 120 vegetable capsules.

The world of food supplements just got easier !

The most synergies in one product on the world market. The best that can be achieved with food supplements is compressed in the product, thanks to the special technology of combining raw materials and production procedures.

Cover your most important bases in the best and easiest way while saving significant money over standalone products.

Nutraday D3 & K2 Complex is packed with synergies , not only between the individual ingredients , but also in the dosage . This is a very well thought out product that we have been developing for a long time . It now allows different options and usage strategies for different population groups depending on the chosen dosage.

Different stages :

  • long-term intake (lowest dosage)
  • replenishment (in case of shortage, shorter period)
  • maximum benefit (some special benefits, limited time)

Just one capsule a day contains everything you need and is intended for long-term daily use.

It should be taken into account that products that support bone metabolism or the condition of the skin and blood vessels take time and long-term use.

The vitamin K2 in this product is in the most bioavailable MK-7 form and in the correct body natural specification 100% All trans. If the product is not 100% All-trans, it instead contains synthetic cis isomers that are not natural and usable by the body and may even be harmful.

Thanks to the knowledge of the functioning of vitamin K, to achieve its best use , this vitamin is also added in the form of K1 , which is normally found mainly in vegetables , and added in the correct dosage. This form of vitamin K is very well known because it is necessary for optimal blood clotting, but surprisingly it also provides many other benefits and is excellently complemented with vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7.

Vitamin K1 Vitamin K1 benefits

It is an indispensable vitamin for optimal blood clotting and subsequently liver enzymes . If the body does not have enough vitamin K, it must sacrifice the production of important proteins and enzymes, the lack of which is then absent in the body. This is because clotting is such a priority process for the body that it prefers to sacrifice some processes important for long-term survival to ensure short-term survival.

It is not true that a higher intake of vitamin K1 or K2 means a higher formation of blood clots, quite the opposite. With a lack of vitamin K1 due to the interruption of the formation of antithrombotic proteins (protein S and others), the possibility of blood clots increases.

If vitamin K is at least in the recommended daily dose and higher, blood coagulation is optimal, higher intake does not further increase coagulation.

Higher doses than the minimum recommended for proper clotting bring additional benefits in the form of sufficient activation of vitamin K-dependent proteins and other enzymes.

However, most of the vitamin K1 ends up in the liver , where it performs indispensable functions and is consequently part of many other liver products. However, vitamin K1 alone does not reach the more remote areas outside the liver.

The optimal dosage in this product enables the most effective activation of vitamin K-dependent proteins.

Vitamin K2 Vitamin K2 benefits

Vitamin K2 offers higher bioavailability and other benefits that vitamin K1 is no longer sufficient for. It is the most biologically usable form and, thanks to the different length of the isomer and the longer duration of action, it reaches more distant locations outside the liver, such as bones, muscles and other organs , and can therefore play an irreplaceable role in these areas as an activator of vitamin K-dependent proteins .

The best-known and most sought-after is certainly the use of vitamin K2 for bones, as it increases the production of osteoblasts , which build bone , and at the same time reduces the activity of osteoclasts, which, on the other hand, break down bones and extract minerals from the bones. Thanks to this, it helps shift the metabolism of bones from breaking them down to building them .

Less known, however, are the benefits of vitamin K2 for the heart, blood vessels, brain and longevity . This is the vitamin of the future in our modern society and since the only sufficient source of this vitamin in food is the Japanese fermented food natto, supplementing this vitamin with a dietary supplement is an ideal choice .

Vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7 brand MenaQ7 in our product contains the best natural fermented vitamin K2 , patented by Nattopharma , which produces this vitamin naturally by fermentation and not synthetically . Nattopharma was the first to bring this natural vitamin K2 to the market and is behind most of the ground-breaking studies that have helped raise awareness of the benefits of this vitamin among experts and part of the public

Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 benefits

One of the most important vitamins and at the same time one of the most deficient in the current population . Vitamin D3 brings a whole constellation of benefits and is especially important for immunity, bones, brain and overall health.

The optimal dosage for the majority of the adult population is 1000 - 2000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, current legislation in the Czech Republic allows 1000 IU per day.

Vitamin D3 has the most important synergy with vitamin K2 . Together, they regulate the proper deposition of calcium in the bones and, thanks to vitamin K2, they also prevent unwanted deposition of calcium in the blood vessels.

A significant part of the population suffers from a lack of this vitamin, and especially for office workers, the elderly and those who do not spend enough time in the sun , supplementation is an ideal and comfortable option for achieving an optimal level .

Although many people are truly deficient in vitamin D , an even greater population does not reach optimal levels. Achieving an optimal level can, for example, help increase T when it is lacking or improve cognitive performance .

As vitamin D is fat soluble, it should be taken with a meal containing fat.

Vitamin C Vitamin C benefits

A basic indispensable vitamin , which is relatively easy to obtain from pehealthy and balanced diet. But it needs to be taken regularly and this is not very frequent for many reasons.

If vitamin C is supposed to support immunity , it should be taken in regular doses even before the onset of a cold.

The vitamin C content in this product is ideal for daily use and at the same time for ideal methylation of epigenetic processes , which is the field of epigenetics .

It also works as a chelator of some heavy metals and blocks the formation of nitrosamines , which are considered carcinogens in food.

In addition, it acts synergistically with zinc , e.g. to protect against free radical damage and improves the action of zinc . It also supports carnitine synthesis and collagen production . It improves the absorbability of iron from plant sources.

Lack of vitamin C leads, among other things, to excessive production of cholesterol and deterioration of blood flow, and is therefore also important for healthy blood vessels .

Zinc Zinc benefits

Zinc is a very important mineral and is involved in many enzymatic processes . It is used as a cofactor for the proper formation of hormones, immunity, brain activity, defense enzymes and many other roles.

At the same time, it is a synergistic combination with the other components in this product.

Zinc is most often used regularly either in small doses (5-15 mg) to maintain an optimal level, or in higher doses (25-45 mg) in a state of greater deficiency of this mineral. which is also possible to achieve with this product.

Above 45 mg of zinc per day (including zinc in food) can only be taken for a limited time .

In this product, we bring zinc in its best form as zinc bisglycinate , which is excellently absorbable and very well tolerated compared to other forms.

On the market, you will most often come across the form of zinc oxide, which is the most difficult to absorb, but it is very cheap.

However, zinc bisglycinate beat even some more expensive forms of zinc such as zinc citrate, gluconate, picolinate or sulfate in comparative tests.

Vitamin B2 Vitamin B2 benefits

An essential element in the proper production of energy , there is no need for too high doses, which have a completely different use than in this product. In this dosage, however, vitamin B1 has the best benefit from our point of view and is suitable for regular use .

Riboflavin is an essential vitamin that is necessary for the formation of many enzymes . At the same time, the flavoproteins needed for energy production depend on it.

It is particularly suitable for young and adolescent and elderly people, as well as for persons with MTHFR gene mutation , which is relatively common in the population. AT

full vitamin B2 deficiency is not common in developed countries, however, some population groups consume suboptimal amounts of this vitamin on a daily basis.

A dosage of 1-2 mg per day is ideal for regular supplementation .

For this product, we also took into account vitamin B2 contained in ordinary foods, and one or two capsules will cover the ideal range when consuming ordinary food.

Taurine Taurine benefits

Fantastic semi-essential amino acid with abundant mwith benefits for almost the entire body.

Unfortunately, apart from some berries and turkey meat, there are not very good sources of taurine in the normal diet.

Taurine is an excellent and available source of biological sulfur and functions, among other things, as one of the main neurotransmitters and osmolytes in fluid regulation and cell membrane protection .

Taurine is also important for the heart and mitochondria and as an antioxidant for the eyes and testicles , thus helping to fight against adverse factors leading to reduced fertility.

Silicon Kremik benefits

An important element for hair, nails and bones. The silicon in our product comes from horsetail , which is the best source of natural and usable silicon in the body.

For example, bamboo contains a much higher percentage of silicon than horsetail, but it is an inorganic form that is very little usable in the body.

This is the ultimate addition to this product for a synergistic combination of bone support .

Some studies suggest that the naturally high content of silicon dissolved in the drinking water of some populations in India accounts for their reputed longevity .

Boron Bor benefits

A little-known and little-understood element, at the same time indispensable for hormonal balance , bone and the proper use of other minerals . In nature, it is mostly found in clean natural sources of drinking water. However, its occurrence and intake in the world's populations and localities is very diverse. In Europe, its intake is relatively small on average compared to some other areas.

In its pure form, like any metal, it is toxic at high doses, but at the same time much less than other metals in the same amount. However, very safe in normal and recommended amounts. For example, there is a huge amount of boron as an auxiliary substance in caviar. In very high quantities, boron is also used in many industrial applications, e.g. as a fungicide, insect killer, etc. However, this does not apply to food-grade boron . which is in several milligram amounts. However, it is very important not to exceed the maximum dosage (for this product, 4 capsules (12mg) + reserve) for long-term intake .

Boron also cooperates with magnesium and significantly improves its utilization and deposition in bones. It is also suitable for use without magnesium and in the case of a low magnesium level, as it improves the utilization of the already present magnesium .

In addition to magnesium, boron acts synergistically with vitamin D and significantly improves its level compared to the state of boron deficiency.

No additives

Nutraday D3 & K2 Complex is in vegetable capsules and does not contain any auxiliary, filler or ballast substances .

Only premium ingredients

Nutraday D3 & K2 Complex contains the best brand that produces the highest quality 100% natural fermented vitamin K2in the form of MK-7 from Nattopharma . This raw material is something like the "Rolls Royce" of vitamin K2, there is no better quality of this vitamin.

Vitamin K2 MK-7 MenaQ7® in this product is in the most bioavailable form of MK-7, which is quickly absorbed and is in the correct specification 100% All trans , which is natural to the body . Many products on the market contain vitamin K2 that is not 100% All-trans and thus contains synthetic cis isomers that are not natural and usable in the body and can be harmful.

It is by far the most expensive and most valuable single ingredient in this product, and at the same time one that is only found in top vitamin K2 products from global manufacturers. With vitamin K2, it is very important to pay attention to the quality and correct specification and technological procedure. Many products on the market with vitamin K2 are not even in the isomer that is available in the body and other market research found that a large number of these products did not have vitamin K2 detected .

Thoughtful wording

A synergistic combination means that the whole is more than the sum of the individual parts, and this product is based on this principle. It also underlines our philosophy of approach to food supplements and nutrition. It contains 9 indispensable elements in one capsule, which makes life much easier. 1 product therefore contains approximately 60% of the products that a person should replenish on a daily basis.

It is also possible to expand to include other products, for example products that support the brain, fertility, longevity and other specific needs, or go even further in the areas of the heart, bones and immunity.

It is good to supplement the product with magnesium, ideally the product Nutraday Magnesium Malate Complex, with which it is also excellently supplemented. Together, they cover about 75% of the valuable substances that are difficult for the majority of the adult population to supplement on a daily basis, especially with a less than perfect diet, which tends to be a fairly common problem.

A perfectly balanced diet is an ideal state, which unfortunately also requires significant financial resources, which is difficult for many people, including the elderly. The D3 & K2 Complex product allows you to improve the intake of important substances as a dietary supplement and at the same time does not break your wallet. It also achieves high savings compared to separate products, here contained in one capsule.

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  • Křemík
  • Přeslička
  • Taurin
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin K1
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin K2 MK-7
  • Zinek
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Diana Peterková
Naprostá spokojenost ! Užívám již třetí měsíc a kromě posledního prstu na noze mám nyní všechny nehty naprosto perfektní bez jediné praskliny, s čímž bojuji již od mládí. Vlasy se mi zlepšily již třetí týden, musí to být tou kombinací křemíku z přesličky a dalších vitamínů. Žádný jiný produkt co jsem za život zkusila nebyl lepší. Děkuji !!!
Skvělý produkt na celkové zdraví, bez žádných přídavných látek, pro mě fantasticky zafungoval na vlasy a nehty
Radek Sedivy
Skvele slozeni a obsahuje i kremik a bor

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