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Agaricus (almond mushroom) contains a number of polysaccharides, glutamate complexes, kempesterins and other bioactive substances. The western world learned about the agaricus mushroom only relatively recently, thanks to a village in Brazil, where the local natives lived to a surprisingly old age and long health. It was found that they consumed a lot of the mushroom agaricus (almond mushroom). The agaricus in this product is processed using the hot water extraction method and offers a high-quality extract from this mushroom in an ideal ratio of active substances with a content of min. 30% polysaccharides. At present, Agaricus is a widespread and popular mushroom also in culinary. It contains a large amount of bioactive substances such as vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides - beta glucans, krestin, glucomannans, ergostelols, sodium pyroglutamate and others. The concentration of polysaccharides in the extract is also important. Agaricus blazei supports the body's natural defenses and helps regulate the immune system. Scientists who compared the activity of mushroom polysaccharide molecules found that Agaricus molecules are the most active of all mushrooms in terms of influencing the immune system. Therefore, it is recommended to continuously use Agaricus for a maximum of 1-2 months, then a longer break to avoid "fatigue" of the immune system.
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