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Pycnogenol Pine Extract: Small package Horphag Research's proprietary extract QMP quality Support for "beauty from within" Dietary supplement
Dle potížíOtoky nohou, Prostata a erekce, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Alergie, Menopauza, Bolest Podle potřebyNO, Celkové zdraví, Prokrvení, Protizánětlivé, Kognitivní podpora, Ochrana cév ZnačkaHealthy Origins
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Pycnogenol® is a broad-spectrum health aid thanks to an extremely effective combination of many bioflavonoids and polyphenols Horphag Research's patented maritime pine extract consists of 65-75% procyanidins, containing catechins and epicatechins of various lengths. Among these and other rare substances are the metabolites of Pycnogenol, which are created only in the body, and which are responsible for some unique effects. Together, these components work synergistically to provide a greater benefit than either alone. Pycnogenol is a world-renowned product with a multifaceted effect supported by many clinical studies. The patented extract contained in this product contains a high amount of 100 mg of Pycnogenol® in each capsule at a very favorable price. So this is a dose for 1 to 2 months at the best price/mg ratio of Pycnogenol on the market. Favorite product for those who expect great results: Athletes will especially appreciate its effect on NO (nitric oxide) Elderly people, smokers and people prone to clogging of blood vessels looking for protection for the vascular system. It is also an indispensable part of skin care, thanks to its effect on skin elasticity, which almost no other product can boast. In some areas, Pycnogenol can act synergistically with other products such as Vitamin C , l-Citrulline , EGCG , Curcumin .
Dle potížíProstata a erekce, Bolest, Alergie, Cholesterol, Otoky nohou, Diabetes, Menopauza Podle potřebyKognitivní podpora, Prokrvení, NO, Protizánětlivé, Celkové zdraví, Ochrana cév ZnačkaHealthy Origins
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Description Clinically Studied** Non-GMO Nature's Super Antioxidant Soy Free Look, Feel, and Live Better Supports Normal Circulatory Health French Maritime Pine Bark Extract Dietary Supplement Suitable for Vegetarians Pycnogenol is naturally...
Dle potížíProstata a erekce, Otoky nohou, Alergie, Cholesterol, Bolest, Diabetes, Menopauza Podle potřebyKognitivní podpora, Prokrvení, NO, Celkové zdraví, Ochrana cév, Protizánětlivé ZnačkaHealthy Origins
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Pycnogenol is a natural extract derived from the bark of the maritime pine tree, which grows along the coast of southwestern France. Pycnogenol is rich in procyanidins, a special group of water-soluble flavonoids in a unique combination with bioflavonoids and phenolic acids that provide the body with a wide range of support. Pycnogenol is obtained from the bark of pine trees bred and grown exclusively in the forest of Les Landes de Gascogne in the south-west of France and has already been the subject of more than 100 published clinical studies.
Dle potížíMenopauza, Otoky nohou, Prostata a erekce, Diabetes, Alergie, Cholesterol, Bolest Podle potřebyProkrvení, NO, Kognitivní podpora, Protizánětlivé, Ochrana cév, Celkové zdraví ZnačkaHealthy Origins
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