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Now Foods Mega D-3 and K2 MK-7 combines vitamins D3 and K2, two fat-soluble vitamins that are extensively researched for their role in bone, dental and cardiovascular health. Vitamin D3 works with calcium to support bone maintenance and the proper functioning of the immune system. MenaQ7® MK-7 is a unique soy-free bioavailable form of vitamin K2 and plays an important role in cooperation with vitamin D in arterial health, thanks to its role in supporting the proper metabolism of calcium and preventing its deposition in blood vessels and arteries. Vitamin K2 is also important for building strong, healthy bones.
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Vitamin D3 helps support immunity and a healthy heart, including other functions such as regulating phosphorus and calcium levels, important for healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin K is not just one vitamin, but a whole family of fat-soluble vitamins with similar chemical structures but different metabolic properties. Form K2 belongs to a group of vitamin K compounds called menaquinones, which show greater biological activity and absorbability compared to form K1, the commonly used form of this vitamin. MenaQ7 Natural Vitamin K2 provides an excellent form of vitamin K for optimal bioavailability and absorption. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 work synergistically - each nutrient helps the other in its functions. This product delivers both of these key vitamins in a highly absorbable liquid form and in a good ratio used in many studies.
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Liposomální sprej NOW® Vitamin D3 a K2 kombinuje dva vitamíny známé pro své přínosy v kostech, zubech a kardiovaskulárním systému. Vitamin D3 podporuje vstřebávání vápníku a transport vápníku do kostí. Vitamín K2 se rovněž ukazuje jako nezbytný pro zdraví kostí a kardiovaskulárního systému díky své úloze při podpoře správného metabolismu vápníku v kostních a vaskulárních strukturách.
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Vitamin D3 supports the transport and absorption of calcium. Vitamin K is important for working together with vitamin D and for healthy and strong bones. Vitamin K supports the correct metabolism of calcium in vascular structures.
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Vitamin K2 contributes to the normal absorption of calcium. The preparation thus contributes to the maintenance of the normal state of the bones and the normal function of blood vessels. This is the MK-4 form of vitamin K2, which occurs naturally in meat or cheese, for example. This product also contains alfalfa containing a small amount of natural vitamin C and many other substances.
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Vitamin K is well known for its role in the synthesis of a number of blood coagulation factors and is also important for the formation of strong, healthy bones. MenaQ7 MK-7 is a unique soy-free, bioavailable form of vitamin K2 that plays an important role in arterial health through its ability to support proper calcium metabolism in blood vessels and arteries.
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